Helping you feel your beautiful best.

Launched in the middle of a lavender farm in Auckland, Lissom’s mission and passion is to meet the diverse beauty needs of New Zealanders as well as people all around the world by developing safe, decadent and effective skincare products and holistic beauty and wellness offerings that are serious about skin.

Behind Lissom is Michelle and Lydia, who met whilst working in the skincare and wellness industry. We created Lissom for ourselves, whilst Lydia was pregnant with her first child and Michelle was undergoing treatment for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. We are big on clean beauty as we know all too well the long term effects that harmful ingredients expose us to, and we wish to share our brand with those who, like us, enjoy looking after their skin and refuse to risk their health for beauty.

We launched Lissom on the basis that we stay committed to these promises: (1) safe yet effective formulations, (2) made in New Zealand using only the best ingredients, and (3) designed for the real lives we live: full of variety, always on the go, and in need of luxurious yet affordable skincare that we can turn to time and time again. 

What sets us apart is our dedication to sourcing the best ingredients. Damask roses, harvested in the early morning before the sun fully rises over the trees in the hinterland of the North Island, are a rare find in New Zealand, and the freshly-picked petals are distilled and bottled up in our Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask - the first in our series of skincare products.

Products are formulated with non-toxic ingredients to help maintain soft, glowing skin the safe way, whereby ingredients deemed unsafe on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database are banned. Working with one of the country's most experienced laboratories, we focus on delivering effectiveness in the natural beauty space. Actives are combined with the strength of natural ingredients like kiwi seed and rosehip oil for products that leave skin refreshed, healed, and revitalised.

Opening in December 2019 and broadening Lissom's reach to encompass the holistic beauty and wellness space is Lissom Spa & Beauty: A brand new premises with six treatment rooms and a hair salon at Albany in Auckland's North Shore which will offer a range of facials, massages, nail and hair services, spa packages, and high performance face and body treatments. We are committed to helping you look and feel confident in your skin, and our experienced therapists, state of the art technologies, and tailored body, facial and beauty treatments using botanical and active products are the hallmarks of our commitment to providing you with a service that is unique in the industry.

We look forward to creating #lissomstories together. 

Michelle and Lydia

Michelle and Lydia - Lissom