Lydia Shi

Lydia S.
Lissom Co-Founder & Spa Manager

With a background in health and wellness and business startups, Lissom Spa & Beauty is Lydia's brainchild. Her passion for nature and skincare led her to start up Lissom's eponymous skincare brand with Michelle A. in 2018, with a "bouquet of botanicals for skin" philosophy. Working seven days a week, she is passionate about growing Lissom as a beauty brand platform that customers love being a part of. The fresh flowers, floral wallpaper and golden bar cart that delivers banana chips and fresh ginger tea to your bedside are all creative flourishes by lovely Lydia.

Michelle Anson

Michelle A.
Lissom Co-Founder, Operations & Marketing

Michelle A. oversees the behind-the-scenes running of Lissom and ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible, whether it be new product development, liaising with suppliers, or organising ballerinas and banners for Lissom parties.

"I’ve been interested in beauty ever since I was a little girl. As I start to age and notice a few lines here and there, I have learned that there simply are some things that we cannot control. However, we can help slow the process and help maintain what we have. We work so hard to keep our bodies strong and healthy; I believe we need to invest in our skin as well!  When you feel and look good it translates into every aspect of your life. I hope Lissom helps you with achieving your "feel good" beauty goals."

Michelle Shi

Michelle S.
Clinic Manager, Beauty Therapist & Hairdresser

Heading up the clinic's treatments, Michelle S. (there are 3 Michelles!) is Lissom Spa & Beauty's senior beauty therapist and trainer, and is a Master Ambassador with Kerastase. She has trained extensively in beauty therapy, hairdressing and eyebrow tattooing overseas with a Korean beauty institute, our machinery suppliers and Servilles (Auckland). Prior to Lissom Spa & Beauty's opening, Michelle operated her own home clinic with over 200 customers.

With a delicate, professional touch, Michelle goes the extra mile to ensure that customers are comfortable throughout their treatment.


Vivian L.
Massage & Beauty Therapist

Vivian is Lissom Spa & Beauty's massage therapist, having studied the science of the human anatomy and importance of pressure points at a traditional Chinese health and beauty institute, then trained under a well-regarded reflexologist. She is passionate about the health benefits that massage therapy brings, and has over the years built up a portfolio of customers who are from all walks of life, all of whom benefit from the holistic and healing properties of touch. 

With a forte in traditional Chinese massage as well as vast experience across all massage disciplines, a session with Vivian is at once healing and relaxing, defined by her energy and holistic technique.

Facials and manicures are also her passion. Vivian lives by the motto, "Let's pursue beauty together." 


Vivi X.
Beauty Therapist

With a background in cosmetology and International Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Vivi is passionate about the beauty industry because of the happiness and confidence it brings to customers. She adopts a meticulous, caring approach when it comes to her specialties: facials, lash extensions, and manicures. She is in particular drawn to nail art - it is always a head turner and conversation starter, and brightens up one's day! 

"When customers leave feeling great both aesthetically and mentally, it is a lovely reminder that I'm doing a good job."



Having owned and operated her own salon in South Korea where she hails from originally, Christina has over 20 years' experience as a hairdresser. She loves creating long, healthy waves, and is a huge fan of Kerastase's 96% natural origin Aura Botanica range.


Kyra K


Catering mainly to our Chinese clientele, Kyra is an expert at wielding the scissors and is no stranger to all men and women hairstyles. Her most popular customer requests are balayage, highlights, and Kerastase's Fusio-Dose treatment.

 Michelle O.
Registered Nurse

One of the most experienced and respected cosmetic nurses in New Zealand with over 30 years under her belt, Michelle O. started her career as an intensive care nurse at UCLA medical facility in California, USA before moving to New Zealand with her family. With a steady hand, consultative style and assured approach, she consults for the top cosmetic clinics in Auckland and is our resident nurse at Lissom Spa & Beauty every Friday. Treatments most commonly performed are Dysport, Botox, fillers, threading and IV Nutrition (Michelle's passion). She is also available to administer FILLMED's latest hyaluronic acid microfiller injections, HA10 and HA18.

Registered Nurse

"Service with a smile" is Annie's motto. Annie administers FILLMED's Mesotherapy Microfillers at Lissom Spa & Beauty.


Leo Y.
Dental Hygienist

Leo works full-time at a nationwide dental clinic by day. On some weeknights and on alternate weekends, our resident dental hygienist becomes available to perform POLA and ZOOM teeth whitening in our clinic consultation rooms. Permanently pearly whites are easily and painlessly achievable through a brief 45 minute appointment with him.


With a hospitality and nutrition background, Valerie recently joined us having just helped her husband start up a coffee enterprise in Parnell. She is usually the one to greet you upon walking into Lissom Spa & Beauty's foyer, and immediately sits you down with a freshly brewed herbal tea or barista-made coffee. Relax, you have arrived!
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