Black's Health COLLAGEM Collagen Powder (90G)



Collagem Powder is a pure wild-sourced marine collagen peptide powder. 

CollagemTM is a natural product clinically studied for its anti-ageing ingredients of collagen and elastin which may assist with fine lines and wrinkles, general skin, hair and nail condition, and joint health.

Because our outer skin layers are largely made up of collagen, it plays a vital role in maintaining youthful skin. But, because collagen levels diminish as we age, we need to replenish it, to keep a younger-looking appearance.

Black’s Health CollagemTM is the latest product to use clinically researched, marine-based lyophilised material for maximum absorption to feed your skin from within. Specifically, it supports the dermis layers of the skin to provide a youthful appearance. And the benefits don’t stop there. Scientific validation proves that joints and connective tissues are also strongly supported, meaning CollagemTM helps you feel young too.

Black’s Health has gone to great lengths to provide the best material, supported by clinical trials that show proven results. We believe in providing the purest, most effective ingredients.

Mix 1 level metric tablespoon (approx 3g) into a drink of your choice (smoothies, juices, coffees, etc). Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Always replace the lid securely.

- 100% wild-sourced marine collagen powder
- No cow, sheep, pork or poultry ingredients
- No flavours, sweeteners or artificial ingredients
- 90G collagen powder size delivers approximately one month's supply

Black's Health is a New Zealand owned business committed to producing the very best in all-natural skin care and supplements here in New Zealand. Founded by businesswoman and celebrity Michelle Blanchard,  Black’s Health approaches product development in line with Michelle’s personal values – values she stands by as essential when it comes to creating the best possible results: Natural. Sustainable. Beautiful. And effective.

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